Blue blue blue….vibrant blue, dark blue, light blue…everything is blue and the city is called Chefchaouen, known to be one of the

most peaceful, beautiful and safest places in Morocco, perched under the prime peaks of the Rif Mountains the city attracts all types of travelers.

You can easily visit from one of the nearby cities using a car or CTM bus, Here are some to get you started:

  • Fes is around 3 hours away
  • Tangier is around 2
  • Rabat is around 4 hours away
  • Casablanca is around 5 hours away
  • Marrakech is around 7 hours away

We stayed at the Casa La Hiba which we highly recommend to you guys (you can find the house at Booking) , a beautiful house located in the center of Chefchaouen, we paid around 400dhs per night.We spent most of our time chilling in the local restaurants, eating Bissara and Tajines, walking around the town and getting lost in the blue walls.Chefchaouen is the perfect place to wander, take photos and videos : the lighting is just amazing and people there are familiar with the Camera so you will not find problems filming or taking the pictures.

In addition of walking in the medina which was the major attraction for us, we also visited The Source of Ras el Ma, this source remains the only drinking water source for the city. After that, we went to Akchour, the natural valley (It actually looks like a jungle due to its beautiful waterfalls and wild life) and you should walk around 4hours to reach the summit of Akchour also called the Bridge of God.

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