They got out of the common matrix, they thought horizontally instead of vertically, they turned ON the break the rule movement and here they are, our squad is our ultimate brand ambassadors, thinking deeper , thinking wider and always breaking the rule.

Rachid Idrissi

Birthdate: 07/03/1995
HomeTown : Casablanca, Morocco.
Rachid Idrissi in an international Moroccan popper , his talent and dance move went viral around the world. He won a lot of competitions in Morocco and internationally. He was the first Moroccan finalist at Juste Debout in Vienna. His Advice ? “Only you can change everything, stop complaining and start doing”


Birthdate : 12/09/1996
HomeTown : Casablanca, Morocco.
As his nickname suggests, Amine Elouai is an international breakdancer and described as being athletic, Handsome and strong. Emotionally, he is courageous and intelligent, thanks to those abilities; he won a lot of prizes in Morocco and went to the final of RedBull BBCOne, for two times in a raw.His advice ? “Just don’t give up, you have a goal go for it, we only live once”.

Othmane El Yousri

Birthdate : 27/03/1997
HomeTown : Agadir, Morocco.
Originally and currently based in Agadir, Othmane El Yousri is a young and talented long board rider. He discovered the longboard when he was a 6.His passion for LongBoard didn’t stop since then,  he is considered one of the best and rarest Long Board Riders in Morocco, his talent will blow your mind.His advice ? “Never stop dreaming…Riding”.

Kenza Bel Maalem

Birthdate : 24/04/2001
HomeTown : Tanger, Morocco.
Kenza bel maalem, is a young and talented tangerian photographer. She first discovered her love for photography when she was 13. Her inspiration ? Tangier’s old medina’s. The traditional vibes that city’s hugging and taking care of, gives her chills, the small tangerian streets, old architecture and Medina are her inspiration. Her advice ? “Age isn’t your limit. Gender isn’t your limit. You are your only limit”.