Good News Guys, Sofia Benadada also known as FittyGalz on Instagram has a goal of creating a healthy version of unhealthy foods. Through that goal, she became a recipe developer living in London and but never forgetting her Moroccan roots and she was born and raised in Rabat. Sofia will take over the Recipe part in our Blog and sharing with you the best and most delicious FittyGalz recipes.
Let’s start with the first one : The revisited FittyGalz Moroccan Beghrir


ENGLISH recipe

* 100g wholewheat flour
* 200g fine semolina
* 40cl warm water (room temperature)
* ½ tsp salt
* 5g baking powder
* 1 tbsp fresh yeast
* Mix all ingredients in a bowl except water.
* While whisking your mixture, keep adding water slowly.
* Put a plate on top of your bowl to let your mixture rise
* Let it rest for 30 mins
* Heat your medium-sized non stick pan on medium heat
* Start by pouring your mixture until having a 15 cm size baghrir
* Let it cook fully without returning or flipping it until golden


FRENCH recipe

* 100g de farine de blé tendre
* 200g de semoule de blé fine
* 40cl d’eau tiède (robinet)
* ½ cuillère à café de sel
* 5g de levure chimique
* 1cuillère à soupe de levure de boulanger
* Mélanger tous les ingrédients dans un grand saladier, sauf l’eau.
* Ajouter petit à petit l’eau tiède en fouettant la pâte.
* Filmer le saladier pour que la pâte gonfle
* Reposer la pâte 30 min
* Faites chauffer votre poêle (feu moyen)
* Verser une petite louche sur la poêle afin de former une crêpe ronde de 15cm de diamètre.
* Laisser cuire la crêpe sans jamais la retourner jusqu’à voir toute la pâte cuite et le dessous légèrement doré

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