“URBANSOX, the Moroccan brand that is getting off to a good start….. And since eccentricity remains the key word, URBANSOX has chosen to unveil its first collection during a fast-paced sock show”.
“URBANSOX, a Moroccan brand for wearing socks differently….with completely crazy patterns, URBANSOX socks don’t look like any other pair you’ve ever worn.”
“Way of life socks… and if you look down in the coming days, it wouldn’t be surprising if you sent scrolling around, unless you were wearing them.”
“Hot Socks, URBANSOX a crazy Moroccan brand that transforms this piece of fabric into a real fashion accessory”
“UrbanSox, Moroccan socks brand committed to women’s cause…URBANSOX or how to turn a mundane piece of clothing into a fashion statement”
“Après le succès du premier Fashion Sox Show organisé par URBANSOX en septembre 2018, la jeune start-up est de retour … et cette fois-ci avec un défilé de mode Sox à la plage de Taghazout pour présenter la collection d’été colorée 2019.”